Best Breweries in Bend Oregon – Our Top Bend Brewery Recommendations

Bend is well known for its Beer Culture. The famous Bend Ale Trail put on by Visit Bend takes you to 18 breweries that meet certain guidelines, but there are at least 18 other breweries alongside the Ale Trail! If you’re new to Bend, here are a few breweries I recommend you visit,though of course almost everyone in Bend can advise you about their personal favorites!

Crux Fermentation Project

I almost always recommend Crux to anyone new to Bend because of the wide variety of flavorful beers they serve–you’re likely to find one you like. Even the food is good! The Grilled Cheesy at Crux is pretty famous among locals. Come by for Sunset Hour, when you can drink a beer, let your dog relax on the lawn, enjoy a snack from the summer food carts, and watch the sunset on the Cascades. In winter, you’ll enjoy the large fireplace and classy interior.

Ale Apothecary

Ale Apothecary is incredibly unique in the way that they brew their beers. I recently tried a beer that was brewed in a pine barrel, giving it a flavor unlike any beer I’d ever tried, and I mean that in a good way! Their dedicated staff knows how each beer is made and it is incredibly clear how much passion everyone there has for craft beer. Stop by to experience a whole new depth to your beer! 

Deschutes Brewery

It goes without saying that Deschutes is a Bend and Oregon classic as far as breweries go, and therefore deserves to be recommended every time. They’ve been perfecting their beers for a long time and continue to make improvements. Their public house downtown provides a nice setting, and the food is always amazing if you are looking for a fancy dinner. Their Brew House off of Colorado offers tours of the brewery if you wanted to know more about the in’s and out’s of beer making!

Ten Barrel Brewery

Ten Barrel is on this list not just for its beer, but for its amazing variety of sours! If you are with a beer lover yet you are more into sours, then Ten Barrel would be the perfect compromise. Each one of their sours are incredibly unique. You may have seen their sours, such as their cucumber sour, in the grocery stores, but you’ll find more exciting flavors at their brew house. At one point they had a rose petal sour, which had a beautiful floral taste paired with a rose aroma! 

Avid Cider

If you are looking for something lighter than a beer and love cider, look no further! Avid cidery has a wide range of options for you to try. Their fireplaces and fun atmosphere make this a great place for hanging out!

Boneyard Brewery

I believe Boneyard needs to be on this list because of their RPM IPA, which can be found at almost any bar in town! In general Boneyard rocks the IPA scene in town, so if you are a fan then Boneyard is definitely worth a visit.

Come Experience Bend For Yourself!

Bend, Oregon is a hidden gem located in the Pacific Northwest. This beautiful town is nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the Deschutes River and is known for its amazing outdoor recreation, microbreweries, and charming old-west feel.

Whether you are looking to hit the slopes at Mount Bachelor, mountain bike through the Deschutes National Forest, fish for trout on the Deschutes River, or simply enjoy a pint of beer at one of Bend’s many breweries, there is something for everyone in Bend.

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